Bombardier Learjet 70


The fastest light jet with 6 individual seats, expansive luggage capacity and full lavatory

Providing all the room you need to work or relax, the Learjet 70 is a next generation business jet offering a spacious interior, large galley, full-size lavatory and longest seat length in class. Featuring executive club seating for six passengers, its individual leather seats swivel and recline for added comfort. It also comes equipped with individual touch-screen monitors at each seat with HDMI and USB ports to provide hours of entertainment while flying. The expansive luggage capacity can easily accommodate oversized suitcases, golf clubs and skis. For those traveling to cooler climates, the external baggage compartment automatically heats when temperatures drop below 40 degrees to prevent freezing of luggage items.


Engineered to provide passengers outstanding reach, exceptional versatility, revolutionary technology and superior speed
Its exceptional performance makes it perfect for flying in and out of mountainous airport such as Aspen and Telluride.  The Learjet is ideal for travel from Los Angeles to Chicago, Nashville or Dallas, with a 2,060-mile nautical range, and high-speed cruise at 535 mph.  Plus, a 51,000-foot operating ceiling allows for smoother flights, avoiding delays often caused by weather and airspace congestion.

Seats                                                     6

Range                                                   2,060nm

Wifi                                                        Yes

Cabin lenght                                     17’8″